This Is For The Ones Who Stand For Having It ALL.
The Wealth, The Freedom & The Impact.
Recording for FREE...
Activate your DORMANT 12D ABUNDANCE TEMPLATE & receive the highest wealth frequency upgrades available to you right now.
Are you ready to activate your DORMANT 12D DIVINE ABUNDANCE,
And call back your god & goddess creation capabilities?

YES!! You say.

For the FIRST time ever, I am sharing this activation with the world.
Over the last few years, my work has been focused on de-activating Slave Codes in my clients so they could shift into the frequency of freedom & live their dreams.

These are the exact codes I de-activated in myself that lead me to a life of profound freedom, impact & wealth.

All this work with ‘Slave Codes’ has uncovered an ancient program within us all,

A Divine Abundance Template, that was buried under Slave Codes.

This Divine Abundance Template holds all Abundance Codes within it.

Codes to create anything we truly desire.

I have been activating this in my clients and their Slave Codes are dropping away faster than I imagined possible.

I now feel called to gift this to the world.

I feel it is our birthright to be free and live our dreams on earth

I feel it is my next mission to share this discovery with you so you can Be, Do & Have it ALL!

On this online activation we will DISSOLVE one of the largest abundance destroying grids in humanity right now.

RE-ACTIVATE your 12D Divine Abundance Template, so you can shift to a higher frequency of receiving money (and ALL other forms of abundance) in the physical world.

In this video training you will:
  • DISCOVER The Slave Codes active in humanity and which ones are in your field & how to de-activate them.
  •  ACTIVATE your 12D Abundance Template so you can start shifting into ‘The Knowing Frequency’ around wealth and call it in faster. 
  • CALL BACK a large amount of soul memory around money & release a stack of FALSE codes active in your filed.
  • ​AND...
  • ​ BE PART OF a global ABUNDANCE HEALING to activate a large flow of abundance into the whole world, for all humanity to enjoy.
This is an ACTIVATION from my Money Codes Mastermind Program, The First-Class Business Mastermind & The Frequency Shift Mastermind.

It is at the heart of all my work, so I share it with all my clients!

I have never shared it with the public, and I have never shared it for FREE!

Yet I feel deeply called to share it now, so here you go :)

Please know that ALL my clients are also doing this training as part of their coaching and expansion, so by joining us, you are experiencing my true body of work as if you had paid for it also.

I am excited for what happens in your world after you receive this upgrade.



1. I am here to assist in the evolution of mankind & I want you to live your vision!

2. If you have a BIG vision & dream, when you see how powerful this body of work is, I trust you will be back for more when you are ready!!!!

This is such a powerful time to be alive, our potential truly is limitless!

Be, Do & Have it ALL

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Frank Barca - 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

“I just purchased a Porsche (with cash). 

It’s been a dream of mine forever and since being your understudy I’ve been able to make it happen so quickly and easily. 

Believe it or not this purchase didn’t hurt me at all. 

Just a playful fun exciting endeavor with incredible outcomes on every level for me. 

What a gift. 

And the cherry on the top was without a doubt experiencing this all with my son Ondrè. 

He was so alive in that showroom today. 

Now he has raised his vibration just watching his dad fulfill another dream. 

There’s no ‘I’ in team. Thank you Gaby. Truly. Thank you"

-Frank Barca
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